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Stephen Hawking's IQ predicted Warnings For Scary 2020 future

     Stephen Hawking is known as one of the world's biggest geniuses. The English physicist is also responsible for predicting many of the world's major events and he even came up with massive theories, for example, the general relativity theory and the theory of black holes of course all of these theories were proved correct and he's one of these smartest men ever to live, but sadly in 2018 he passed away he was known for having ALS which left him paralyzed in a wheelchair the average life expectancy for those who have that disease is a few years, but he broke all records and lived for 50 years after being diagnosed but as the year 2020rolls around. Credit: Top 10s

Stephen Hawking's IQ predicted Warnings For Scary 2020 future

Stephen Hawking's IQ predicted Warnings For Scary 2020 future


          we should think back to Stephen Hawking and some of the things he said before he passed away he left us some major warnings going into this decade and seeing as we are in this decade. Let's go through some of his significant warnings and predictions.

    #1 We should leave Earth & Find new Planet

              First, we have to leave earth one major warning, Stephen Hawking said that humans are putting all of their eggs in one basket. This is a metaphor saying everything.  We've ever built is on one planet Earth, and for around 50 years Stephen Hawking had been calling for humans to move on to another planet. Every time he said it, it made headlines and they said it's impossible but now let's look at what's happening with Elon Musk, and SpaceX .

           SpaceX in cooperation with NASA is now taking us to MarsSpaceX  already has three useful rockets to get humans and materials back and forth from Mars, but Hawking said that humanity would soon fall victim to many many catastrophes on earth. 

          He said there are lots of what he calls low-probability high impact events this will include things like large asteroids hitting our planet and wiping us out the probability of this is low. But it would be catastrophic if it did happen to imagine an asteroid hitting a nuclear missile or power plant. It could easily destroy a whole Continent or  a whole planet or the entire world. In 2016 he said although the chance of a disaster to Planet Earth is quite low. As up over time and he said it becomes nearly inevitable in the next 1,000 years or so. He warned that humans must spread out on to other planets.

    #2 Don't Mess with Aliens

    Stephen Hawking's IQ predicted Warnings For Scary 2020 future
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          Next up is space signals you may not have heard of this, but there’s a whole field of science known as SETI. SETI stands for the “search for extraterrestrial intelligence.” And many Giant satellites act as listening devices worldwide to listen out for a signal from intelligent life elsewhere in the universe or a different world. Byrd Stephen Hawking warned against reaching out to any alien life you may think.

           A nerd like Stephen Hawking would be into contacting aliens, but he left a warning for scientists saying do not try and contact any alien civilizations. He said all that would likely happen is aliens would raid earth and then move on to another planet.  They would probably be so much smarter than us that they wouldn’t care to talk to us at all. It would be like how we see ants small insects think about it. When you step on a snail by accidentally, well and that’s precisely what aliens would do it would be like human taking honey from a beehive. 

             He even said that aliens visit us, it would be like when Columbus landed in America as we all know that did not turn out well for the Native Americans. He said it is sad, but he left a warning saying do not contact intelligent alien life and if any SETI researchers do get any intelligent signals. We should not reach out but instead, be very careful.

    #3 AI & Robotics can End Human Race

              Next to we have robots we’ve all seen old movies like The Terminator, Where robots take over the planet and wipe out humanity birds truth may be stranger than fiction. And that be a reality according to Stephen Hawking he said, that artificial intelligence would give us great advances but also dangers. In 2014 he assumed the development of full AI could end the human race. AI we have right now are very useful indeed, but he left a warning saying don’t let machine intelligence match or surpass humans otherwise they would have no need for us and would work on wiping us out. Fellow genius Elon Musk has said the same thing already we’re seeing AI take people’s jobs which presidential candidate Andrew yang has made a big deal about it.

    #4 Social Media devides the Humanity 

             Stephen Hawking is a scientific genius, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have ideas. When it comes to things like media and political life, he warned that the world would get more and more divided as time goes on; amazingly, he said this before significant world events, such as the 2016 US elections. Now people are getting more and more pulled apart and divided.  Stephen Hawking also said he fears isolationism. He says as far as science goes, Countries must work together. If states don't work together, then AI may crop up in one country more than another, and it can't be regulated on a global level. 

             Stephen Hawking also warned politicians are investing more money into nuclear weapons. He campaigned for nuclear disarmament worldwide and said atomic weapons are a terrible creation sadly pretty much no one listened in almost every country in the world is making nuclear weapons as we speak. But who knows, maybe soon politicians will wake up and listen to this genius that is before it's too late.

    #5 Stephen concerned about Global Warming

    Stephen Hawking's IQ predicted Warnings For Scary 2020 future

            Next up, we have Climate change, Stephen Hawking, that was very concerned about Global Warming. He said it's a significant threat to life on the planet Earth. He said this is one of the main reasons why we need to go to another world. For example, Mars. But, his biggest fear was our pass what's known as the tipping point is where global warming will become irreversible. He feared Earth becoming like Venus. Where the temperature is 250degrees Celsius and the rain, there is sulfuric acid. Meaning no life can survive. However, Stephen Hawking said all of this must be done on a government-level.  He said people don't need to stop flying in airplanes or driving their cars to work. But instead, governments need to come together and make sure they use renewable energies. 

           Elon Musk and Bill Gates, for example, have invested billions into solar-powered electricity and seeing as this energy already exists. We don't need to use coal or nuclear power, which harms the Earth, he said global warming is one of the great dangers Humanity faces, but, we can prevent it if we act now.

    #6 What about After 1 Billion years

             Finally, on the list, we have far future, so all of these things I've just gone over were his warnings for 2020, which is the immediate future.  But what about in the far future like hundreds or thousands of years away well I've got bad news for you. He said that in about 1 billion years, the Sun's current phase of development would swell into a gigantic red ball.  This would likely scorch or swallow the earth. As the Sun grows hotter and hotter earth may be too hot for human life, but when the entire universe ends well, it's said that in 10 trillion years the world will end and it will end from heat. An increase in temperature could finish the entire universe. 

              It would diminish into a state of no thermodynamic free energy and would no longer be able to sustain. But luckily we'll all be long gone before that happens even so it is pretty creepy to think that one day all of this will no longer exist that is unless we live in a multiverse and humanity can get to another universe.

    But now it's time to make your opinion. Please vote in the comments section, which is down below. which of Stephen Hawking's warnings was the most scary. Thanks 🙏 for seeing 👁️‍🗨️ the full blog, If you have any questions ❓ or any suggestions please leave a comment 📄.

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